2018 leaf collection  

Community-wide leaf collection will take place from November 5, 2018 through November 30, 2018; crews will cover the entire city and there will be a truck in every area of the city during this time following a route.  Please rake your leaves to the curb line but do not put them in the street.  There is no specific day for collection in your area as it depends on weather conditions, equipment and personnel fluctuations.  We ask for your patience and understanding. 

Regardless of the weather, no leaves will be collected after November 30, 2018.  Any leaves remaining at the curb after November 30, 2018 must be bagged and placed in your garbage container for weekly trash pick-up.  Remember, per Ordinance 311.01(f), it is a minor misdemeanor to place your leaves in the street. 

Also note, the annual yard waster collection program handled by Republic Services takes place from April 15th to November 30th in case you'd like to place leaves in brown paper yard waste bags or loose in 32-gallon containers clearly marked as "Yard Waste" which do not exceed 40 pounds. 

Keep in mind these important safety tips:  

  • Do not allow children to play in the leaves near the street or curb;
  • Do not place branches or other debris in the leaf piles - doing so may result in non-collection of leaves;
  • Do not park vehicles on or near leaf piles - this will result in the leaves not being collected.

For additional information please call the Street Department at 440.244.4294.