Items Taxed

​*Salaries and other Compensation Bonuses
​ *Tips
​ *Contributions
​ *Gambling Winnings Reported on W-2G
​ *Commission Fees and other Earned Income (1099-MISC)
​ *Incentive Payments
​ *Jury Duty Fees
​ *Partnership Income (Lorain business files at on partnership account and partners are given credit for tax paid by partnership when filing
​   individual return)
​ *Rental Income
​ *Sick Pay
​ *Strike Pay
​ *Supplemental Unemployment Benefits (Sub Pay)
​ *Net Profits of a Corporation, Business or Profession, etc. (includes Partnership and S-Corp income)
​ *Wage Continuation Disability Plans
​ *KEOGH (401K) SEP Plans
​ *Tax Sheltered Annuities
​ *Term Life Insurance
​ *Uniform, Automobile and Travel Allowances