Properties for Sale

The City of Lorain is receiving bids for the sale of the following parcels of real estate it currently owns. All offers must be submitted, in writing, detailing the proposed price being offered for each parcel(s). Please use the form below to submit a bid. Payment is not required until bid has been accepted.

List of Properties for Sale

Bid Form

Houses for Sale

  • 813 Leroy St.
  • 314 W. 32nd St
  • 2314 E. 31st St

The City of Lorain is currently selling 5 houses. All of these properties have been rehabilitated. In order to qualify to purchase these properties you must be income eligible. Please contact the office to determine if you are income eligible or view the chart below. If you are income eligible you will be referred to Neighborhood Housing Services of Greater Cleveland to go through the Down Payment Assistance program. In addition, 813 Leroy St. has a 15 year affordability period. This means the property must remain owner occupied during this time or if the property must be sold, it has to be sold to another income eligible individual.

If you are not income eligible you may be able to purchase the properties at their outright price.

Income eligible chart