Who is subject to the City's Income Tax?

Anyone who lives in the City or has taxable income inside the City. For more information, contact us at 440-204-1002.

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1. What income is taxable to the City?
2. Who is subject to the City's Income Tax?
3. Who is required to file a tax return form with the City?
4. When is the filing due date?
5. What is form 2106?
6. How do I handle Early Retirement - Separation Payouts?
7. How do I handle Lump Sum Distributions?
8. How do I submit Federal Schedules?
9. What if I do not include a payment with my return?
10. What are extensions?
11. Is there an age limit for individuals subject to Lorain Income Tax?
12. I am retired. My only income is from Social Security, company pension, interest, and dividends. Am I required to file a City of Lorain Income Tax Return?