Shoreline Special Improvement District

Do you live along the Lake Erie coast in the City of Lorain and have erosion concerns? If so, you have an opportunity to participate in the creation of a Shoreline Special Improvement District (SID). A Shoreline SID enables lakefront property owners to fund shoreline protection projects via a special assessment on their property. Shoreline SIDs are not grants or zero-interest loans. Property owners pay for the project through assessments on their property. Other cities, counties, and multi-city groups along Ohio's Lake Erie shoreline have established similar SIDs.

A SID is a non-profit organization established by lakefront property owners for the purpose of accessing lower cost, longer term financing to cover shoreline improvements including protective revetments designed to reduce shoreline erosion and lake-related damage to their properties. Participating in a SID is voluntary and does not require that properties be contiguous or relinquishment of any private property rights. The SID provides access to lower cost financing (and repayment over time through your property tax billing), and working with experienced contractors offers the opportunity to see lower costs both during the near-term project and reduced long term maintenance costs through the quality services provided in the initial design and construction.

To participate, residents must complete the Shoreline SID Petition and return it to the City of Lorain Engineering Department. Completing the petition does not obligate you to a project, but does qualify your property for inclusion in the SID. Questions? Please contact for more information.