TLCI Transportation for Livable Communities

NOACA’s Transportation for Livable Communities Initiative (TLCI) provides assistance to communities and public agencies for integrated transportation and land use planning and projects that strengthen community livability. TLCI advances the goals of NOACA’s Regional Strategic Plan by:

  • Developing transportation projects that provide more travel options
  • Promoting reinvestment in underutilized or vacant/abandoned properties
  • Supporting economic development
  • Ensuring that the benefits of growth and change are available to all members of a community
  • Enhancing regional cohesion
  • Providing people with safe and reliable transportation choices

Current Projects:

2020 East 28th Street Corridor Planning Study Application

The City of Lorain has been awarded an $100,000.00 grant to strengthen our community. The 2020 project focuses on the East 28th Street Corridor in South Lorain.

TLCI Planning Grant - Award Letter

2023 TLCI Beachscape - Buffered Bike lanes on US6 and Hawk crossing at Lakeview Park

The City of Lorain has been awarded a $269,000.00 grant to strengthen our community. The 2023 project focuses on West Erie Avenue in the City of Lorain, a US driving and bike route.

The project will create buffered bike lanes on Erie Avenue in the City of Lorain from Arkansas Avenue to the SR611 underpass on US6/USBR230, a known pinch point in the City of Lorain bike infrastructure. The bike lane would allow residents to connect to downtown, Lakeview Beach, and bike infrastructure located on SR58 (Leavitt Road), a major commercial area, and Washington Avenue, a major school area. This new bike lane will provide an extension to our existing East Erie Avenue bike lanes, which connect the North coast Inland Trail, Century Beach, and Lakeside Landing and Marina to downtown Lorain.

In addition to the road diet, pedestrian safety improvements at Lakeview Park are included in the project. Lakeview Park is located on US6/USBR230. The north portion of Lakeview Park is managed by the Lorain County Metro parks and the south portion is managed by the City of Lorain. A hawk will be installed on US6/USBR230 to keep pedestrians safe when crossing from the north/south across US6/USBR230.

TLCI Implementation Grant - Award Letter

PID #:116996